40 Easy & Cute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

21. Cotton Candy Costume

cotton candy costume

Tutorial via Hello, Wonderful

22. Pac Man Costume

Pac Man Costume

Tutorial via The Effortless Chic

23. DIY Glinda & Wicked Witch Costumes

Glinda and Wicked Witch Costumes

Tutorial via Simple as That

24. Fried Egg Costume

Fried Egg Costume

Tutorial via My Poppet

25. Spider Costume

Spider Costume

Tutorial via Mad in Crafts

26. A Bowl of Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Mac and Cheese

Tutorial via DIY Network

27. DIY Peter Pan’s Escaped Shadow Costume

Peter Pan's Escaped Shadow Costume

Tutorial via Tikkido

28. Easy No-Sew DIY Minion Costumes

Easy No-Sew DIY Minion Costumes

Tutorial via Harvard Homemaker

29. Bucket of Popcorn Costume

Bucket of Popcorn Costume

Tutorial via Make it and Love it

30. American Girl Doll Box Costume

American Girl Doll Box Costume

Tutorial via ‘A Casarella

31. X-Men Wolverine Costume

 X-men Wolverine costume

Tutorial via Freshly Completed

32. Baby Snowman Costume

baby snowman costume

Tutorial via Peek-a Boo

33. Minecraft Costume

minecraft costume

Tutorial via Just a Little Creativity

34. Mario and Luigi Costumes

Mario and Luigi Costumes

Tutorial via Maker Mama

35. Bluebird Costume

Bluebird Costume

Tutorial via Pretty Prudent

36. Mickey Mouse Costume

Mickey Mouse Costume

Tutorial via The Chirping Moms

37. Scarecrow Tutu Halloween Costume

Scarecrow Tutu Halloween Costume

Tutorial via Designer Trapped

38. Needle and Thread Costume

Needle and Thread Costume

Tutorial via C.R.A.F.T.

39. Flower Pot Girl Costume

Flower Pot Girl Costume

Tutorial via Clumsy Crafter

40. Angry Bird Costumes

Angry Bird Costumes

Tutorial via I Can Teach My Child

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