11 Cool Things You Can Do With Empty Pill Bottles

11 Cool Things You Can Do With Empty Pill Bottles

Wondering what to do with your empty pill bottles? If you want to take part in helping out nature even in just a simple way, repurpose empty pill bottles instead of throwing them out. There are many different uses for them that you probably haven’t thought of. Here are 11 ways you can reuse empty pill bottles for something useful.

1. Faux Bamboo Vase

Faux Bamboo Vase

via Mich L. in LA

2. Treasure Boxes

Treasure Boxes

via In My Own Style

3. Pill Bottle Light Garland

Pill Bottle Light Garland

via Crafting a Green World

4. Snowman Ornaments

snowman ornaments

via The Cupcake Cuppy

5. Toothbrush Holders

toothbrush holders

via Domesblissity

6. Waterproof Money Holder

Waterproof money holder

via Inspiration and Realisation

7. Pill Bottle Match Box

pill bottle match box

via The Crafty Librarianct

8. Seed Keeper

seed containers

via My Life Abundant

9. Pill Bottle Desk Organizer

Pill Bottle Desk Organizer

via Black Hole Art Studio

10. Pill Bottle Lamp

Pill Bottle Lamp

via FaveCrafts

11. Pill Bottle Earphone Case

pill bottle earphone case

via Condo Blues

Do you have any other ideas for reusing or repurposing empty pill bottles? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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