40 Easy & Cute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

40 Easy and Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about costume ideas for your kids.

While there is always the option to buy a costume, making one can be so much more fun! There are many Halloween costume ideas out there that are quick and easy to create with supplies you probably already have around the house. To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest DIY Halloween costumes your kids will love!

1. Super Quick Bat Costume

Super Quick Bat Costume

Tutorial via Little Button Diaries

2. Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Costume

Tutorial via The Mom Creative

3. No-Sew Shark Costume

No-Sew Shark Costume

Tutorial via Atkinson Drive

4. Baby Mummy Costume

Baby Mummy Costume

Tutorial via SuperLucky

5. Easy Bumble Bee Costume

easy bumble bee costume

Tutorial via Paint Yourself a Smile

6. DIY Pig Halloween Costume

Pig Halloween Costume

Tutorial via Spot of Tea Designs

7. No-Sew Ninja Turtle Costume

No-Sew Ninja Turtle Costume

Tutorial via Girl Loves Glam

8. Hot Air Balloon Costume

Hot Air Balloon Costume

Tutorial via Rook No. 17

9. Baby Chick Halloween Costume

baby chick halloween costume

Tutorial via Say Yes

10. Garden Gnome Costume

Garden Gnome Costume

Tutorial via Live Free Creative

11. Strong Man Costume

Strong Man Costume

Tutorial via Oh Happy Day

12. Pineapple Baby Costume

Pineapple Baby Costume

Tutorial via Say Yes

13. Bird Halloween Costume

Bird Halloween Costume

Tutorial via The Home I Create

14. Jellyfish Halloween Costume

Jellyfish Halloween Costume

Tutorial via Hello, Wonderful

15. Captain America Costume

Captain America Costume

Tutorial via Oh, The Things We’ll Make

16. Easy Skeleton Costume

Easy Skeleton Costume

Tutorial via Freshly Completed

17. Pokemon Go Bellossom Costume

Pokemon Go Bellossom Costume

Tutorial via Tikkido

18. Cardboard Box Robot Halloween Costume

Cardboard Box Robot Halloween Costume

Tutorial via Inhabitatots

19. Candy Corn Costume

Candy Corn Costume

Tutorial via The Mom Creative

20. Cardboard Lama Costume

Cardboard Llama Costume

Tutorial via Mer Mag

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