20 Cheap, Creative and Modern Garden Edging Ideas

11. Metal Garden Edging

Metal Garden Edging

via Houzz


12. Pallet Garden Edge


via Love Life Simplified


13. Brick Garden Edging

Brick Garden Edging

via Globaltornado

14. Recycled bicycle wheels

Recycled bicycle wheels

via Recicla e Decora


15. Rocks Used as Garden Edging

Rocks Used as Garden Edging

via Serenity in the Garden


16. Poured Concrete

Poured Concrete

via Quikrete


17. Wood Block Edging

Wood Block Edging

via Bannersbyricki


18. Weave Water Hoses Around Metal Poles for an Unique Way To Edge Your Garden Beds

Recycled Water Hoses

via Kara Paslay Designs


19. Line Your Garden Beds with Cinder Blocks

Line Your Garden Beds with Cinder Blocks

via Abbi Siler


20. Terracotta Flower Pot Garden Edging

terra cotta flower pot garden edging

via Condo Blues

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  1. Hey,

    Great post, I haven’t used woven branches as edging. The seashells also look attractive. I must give it a try next time. Right now I am using a steel edging to put my plants in place.

    Keep it up

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