20 Cheap, Creative and Modern Garden Edging Ideas

20 Cheap, Creative and Modern Garden Edging Ideas


Garden edging is a landscaping technique wherein an edge, partition, or a separate material is used to set apart the garden from another part of the landscape. You can buy your edging at store, or you can save some money and make your own landscape edging with recycled and found materials. Here are 20 garden edging ideas, including both the conventional and the innovative! Not only do they look great, these borders require almost no maintenance.


1. Scrap Wood Garden Edging

Scrap Wood Garden Edging

via Farm and Foundry


2. Terracotta Pipes Edging

Terracotta Pipes Edging

via Apartment Therapy

3. Lined Recycled Glass Bottles

Lined Recycled Glass Bottles

via Flickr


4. Woven Branches

Woven Branches

via K town Gardening


5. Old Tree Logs

Old Tree logs

via Walk Sydney Streets


6. Seashells as Garden Edging

Seashells as Garden Edging

via Huffingtonpost


7. Bowling Ball Edging

bowling ball edging

via Beth Evans Ramos


8. Dishes as Edging

Dishes as Edging

via 33 Barefoot Lane


9. Metal Tubes Border

Metal tubes border

via Floradora Gardens


10. Straw Bale Garden Bed Edging

Straw Bale Garden Bed Edging

via How To Garden

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  1. Hey,

    Great post, I haven’t used woven branches as edging. The seashells also look attractive. I must give it a try next time. Right now I am using a steel edging to put my plants in place.

    Keep it up

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