18 Best DIY Firewood Storage Ideas

18 Best DIY Firewood Storage Ideas

Are you looking for a simple solution to your firewood storage problems? If you have a wood stove, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, then you probably have some firewood around. Therefore a good firewood holder/rack is very important to keep your logs safe and dry. Here are some great firewood storage ideas to store your firewood:

1. Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder

Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder

(DIY instructions: The Cavender Diary)

2. Easy Firewood Rack From 2 Cinder Blocks and 4 2×4’s

Easy Firewood Rack From 2 Cinder Blocks and 4 2×4’s

(via: Homedit)

3. A-Frame Firewood Storage

A-Frame Firewood Storage

(via: Singletrack World)

4. Outdoor Log Holder

Outdoor Log Holder

(DIY instructions: True Value Projects)

5. Rolling Firewood Cart

Rolling Firewood Cart

(DIY instructions: The Wood Grain Cottage)

6. Firewood Rack for 1/2 Rick of Wood

firewood rack

(More details: Bbq Brethren)

7. Custom Firewood Storage Rack

Custom Firewood Storage Rack

(via: Behance)

8. Firewood Shed

Pallet Shed For Firewood

(via: Recyclart)

9. Wall Mounted Log Holder

Wall Mounted Log Holder

(DIY instructions: Creative Pink Butterfly)

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