15 Ideas for Decorating with Maps

Today, We’ve rounded up 15 DIY ideas for decorating with maps. These projects are perfect for using that map from a favourite trip or the vintage map you picked up at the flea market. Enjoy!

1. Map Wall

Tutorial: lauren-likes.com

2. Vintage Map Wrapping Paper

Tutorial: thechicsite.com

3. Road Map Birdhouses

Tutorial: craftsbyamanda.com

4. 3D Paper Ball Ornaments

Tutorial: craftandcreativity.com

5. Vintage Map Monogram Note Card Set

Tutorial: ellinee.com

6. Hanging mobiles

Tutorial: dailycandy.com

7. airplane

Tutorial: itstwoam.wordpress.com

8. Travel Tape

Tutorial: themayberryhomejournal.blogspot.com

9. Adventures in garlanding

Source: bookity.wordpress.com

10. Map Chair

Source: roddyandginger.blogspot.com

11. Map Card and Envelope

Tutorial: iwearthecanvas.blogspot.com

12. Decoupaged tray

Tutorial: todayscreativeblog.net

13. Make Bunting with Maps and Ribbon

Tutorial: thecrafttutor.com

14. Vintage Map Decoupaged Pots

Tutorial: 365designs.com

15. Memories Map Bracelet

Tutorial: peanutandolive.com

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