15 DIY Pallet Furniture Projects To Spruce Up Your Home

Don’t want to spend big on new furniture? Check out these pallet furniture projects and see what you can build for practically nothing!

15 DIY Pallet Furniture Projects To Spruce Up Your Home

Pallets are a great source of free wood which can be used to make furniture, artwork, toys, planting boxes, and many more. You can get them for free in certain places like hardware stores, furniture and equipment stores, feed and pet supply stores, newspaper companies, construction sites or even on Craigslist or other internet sites. Here are some of our favorite pallet projects to give you some inspiration.

 1   DIY Pallet Ottoman

Pallet Ottoman

Tutorial: Nico Groove

 2   Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

Tutorial: Scrap Hacker


 3   DIY Pallet Wood Herringbone Headboard

Pallet Wood Herringbone Headboard

Tutorial: Six Clever Sisters


 4   DIY Space-Saving Pallet Desk

Space-Saving Pallet Desk

Tutorial: Empathy Encompassed


 5   Pallet Daybed

Pallet Daybed

Tutorial: Pretty Prudent


 6   DIY Pallet Dining Table

Pallet Dining Table

Tutorial: Survive France


 7   DIY Pallet Toddler Bed

Pallet Toddler Bed

Tutorial: The Mombot


 8   Pallet Wood Coat Rack

Pallet Wood Coat Rack

Tutorial: A Life Inspired


 9   Simple Pallet Lounge Chair

Simple Pallet Lounge Chair

Tutorial: Housekaboodle


 10   DIY Wood Pallet Bench

Wood Pallet Bench

Tutorial: Our House Now a Home


 11   DIY Rustic Pallet Bookshelf

Pallet Bookshelf

Tutorial: Jen Woodhouse


 12   Pallet Kitchen Island

Pallet Kitchen Island

Tutorial: Noting Grace


 13   Pallet Swing

pallet swing

Tutorial: Stephanie Bullington Blogs


 14   Pallet Console Table

Pallet Console Table

Tutorial: Kleinworth & Co.


 15   DIY Pallet Shoe Rack Bench

Pallet Shoe Rack Bench

Tutorial: NDW Design

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