Easy Ways To Customize Your Jeans

Did you think that your jeans are too long? or maybe need a little something stylish added to make them perfect?

Fortunately, there are ways to fit even the old, or just too big for our current jeans silhouette without losing any of their original font and appearance. Even the seams do not betray the secret conversion of your pants!

Ending Bum Crack: Here is a easy way to fix that back gap, install a piece of elastic at the back waist.
DIY Floral Print: Using a piece of lace or a floral pattern, trace design onto white denim with fabric markers.
Fabric Cuffs & Colorful Buttons: Add a fun fabric print at the cuff and buttons in a complimentary color.
Add A Maternity Band: The front waist of the jeans are cut off and then a band of wide elastic is sewn on.
Easy Maternity Jeans: This technique uses fabric from a tight fitting t-shirt to make the stretchy panel for your pants.
Patching Tutorial: Here is how to repair rips and tears using a scrap of fabric and fusible interfacing.
Painted Embellishments: Add a splash of color with this technique using a stencil of your choice and fabric paint.
How To Make Them Smaller: In this video You learn how to make your jeans fit if the waist is too big.
How To Lengthen Them: Here is a technique for getting some extra length out of your favorite pair of pants by unpicking the hem and reassembling for extra length.
Gold Painted: Paper doilies, gold fabric paint and a paint sponge are used to add some designer style to an ordinary pair of jeans.

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