30+ Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decorations

12. Dollar Store Snowman

Dollar Store Snowman

(Tutorial via Laurie’s Little Bits of Creativity)

13. Dollar Store Candlesticks

Dollar store candlesticks

(Tutorial via Giraffe Legs)

14. Picture Frame Luminaries

picture frame luminaries

(Tutorial via That’s What Che Said)

15. Cotton Ball Christmas Tree

Cotton Ball Christmas Tree

(Tutorial via Meegan Makes)

16. DIY Monogrammed Drinking Glasses

Monogrammed Drinking Glasses

(Tutorial via Kelly Elko)

17. Glittered Plastic Fruits

Glittered Plastic Fruits

(Image via Simply Southern)

18. Christmas Ornament Wreath and Bow

Christmas Ornament Wreath and Bow

(Tutorial via Six Sisters’ Stuff)

19. Christmas Candle Holder Snow Globes

Christmas Candle Holder Snow Globes

(Tutorial via Popsugar)

20. Dollar Tree Joy Plates

Dollar Tree Joy Plates

(Tutorial via On Sutton Place)

21. Coffee Filter Angel Wings

Coffee Filter Angel Wings

(Tutorial via Curb Alert)

22. Ornament Garland

Ornament Garland

(Tutorial via Pretty Quirky)

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