20 DIY Photo Backdrops That Will Make Your Photos Beautiful

20 DIY Photo Backdrops That Will Make Your Photos Beautiful

You don’t need an expensive photo studio to make amazing photos. With some creativity and a little effort you can create your own backdrops. Here are 20 easy photo backdrops for better blog posts, product shots, or just for fun!


1. Colour Blocked Photo Backdrop

Colour Blocked Photo Backdrop
Project details: Angean Blog


2. Streamers

Project details: Lovely Indeed


3. Fabric Taped to Wall and Floor

Fabric Taped to Wall and Floor
Project details: Young House Love


4. Balloons on the Wall

Balloons on the Wall
Project details: Momtog


5. Wrapping Paper Backdrop

Wrapping Paper Backdrop
Project details: Mrs. Beach Bride


6. Pixelated Backdrop

Pixelated Backdrop
Project details: Ruffled Blog


7. Circle Photobooth

Project details: Oh Happy Day


8. Paper Flower Backdrop

Project details: Green Wedding Shoes


9. Cupcake Liner Photo Backdrop

Cupcake Liner Photo Backdrop
Project details: Bride to Bridesmaid


10. Reversible Wood Backdrop

Reversible Wood Backdrop
Project details: Over the Apple Tree

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