10 Awesome Clay Pot Halloween Crafts

10 Awesome Clay Pot Halloween Crafts


Clay pots can be used for much more than just simple potted plants—with a little paint and a few easy-to-find craft materials you can make any plain terra cotta clay pot into a fun and eye-catchting decoration.

Here’s a collection of 10 cool Halloween crafts that you can make using inexpensive clay pots. Check them out and tell us which one is your favorite!


1. Zombie Planted Hands

Zombie Planted Hands

(Tutorial via Sew Woodsy)


2. Cute Little Mummy

Mummy Jar

(Tutorial via Plaid Online)

3. Clay Pot Spider

Clay Pot Spider

(Tutorial via Creative Green Living)


4. Flower Pot Ghost

Flower Pot Ghost

(Tutorial via Jennwa)


5. Halloween Candy Jar

Halloween Candy Jar

(Tutorial via A Pumpkin & A Princess)


6. Halloween Cupcake Pot Stand

Halloween Cupcake Pot Stand

(Tutorial via The Artful Crafter)


7. Glowing Frankenstein Lights

Glowing Frankenstein Lights

(Tutorial via Not Just a Housewife)


8. Flower Pot Witch

Flower Pot Witch

(Tutorial via Gina’s World)


9. Spider Web Pot

Spider Web Pot

(Tutorial via A.C. Moore)


10. Terracotta Pot Scarecrow

Terracotta Pot Scarecrow

(Tutorial via This Girl’s Life Blog)

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