15 Creative Bottle Cap Crafts

If you, for whatever reason, have been collecting bottle caps, perhaps you would like to know what to do with them. You can recycle them, or you can use them to do some pretty cool crafts with your children. Below we’ve gathered some of our favorite bottle cap crafts that are easy and fun to make.

 1   Bottle Cap Tea Lights from Francois et Moi

Bottle Cap Tea Lights


 2   Beer Cap Clock from Spot of Tea Designs

Beer Cap Clock

 3   Bottle Cap Christmas Tree from Ann’s Entitled Life

Bottle Cap Christmas Tree

 4   Bottle Cap Turkey Napkin Rings from The Country Chic Cottage

Bottle Cap Turkey Napkin Rings


 5   Upcycled Neon Necklace from Maker Mama

Upcycled Neon Necklace


 6   Bottle Cap Photo Frames from Craft & Creativity

Bottle cap photo frames


 7   Bottle Cap Ornaments from Make Great

Bottle Cap Ornaments


 8   Bottle Cap Coasters from Let’s Make Cool Stuff

Bottle Cap Coasters


 9   Bottle Cap Wreath from Make Something Mondays

Bottle Cap Wreath


 10   Bottle Cap Chime from Kelli Nina Perkins

Bottle Cap Chime


 11   Bottle Cap Flower from The Experimental Crafter

Bottle Cap Flower


 12   Bottle Cap Horse from Crafts by Amanda

Bottle Cap Horse


 13   Bottle Cap Necklace from Crafts Unleashed

Bottle Cap Necklace


 14   Bottle Cap Keychain from Bottle Cap Co.

Bottle Cap Key Chains


 15   Bottle Cap Letter from The 3 R’s Blog

Bottle Cap Letter

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15 Bottle Cap Crafts

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