20 Wine Cork Crafts

Do you have a stash of wine corks that you’re not sure what to do with? Here we have a great list of wine cork crafts to give you tons of options to choose from.

Wine corks can be turned into many creative and beautiful crafts for home décor, kids’ crafts, accessories, tools and more. Take a look at these clever ideas and get crafty now!

1. Cork mosaic

Make a mosaic pinboard out of cut wine corks. The possibilities of shapes, colors and patterns are endless

Tutorial: nur-noch.blogspot.de

2. Plant Markers for you Garden

Don’t let plastic plant tags ruin your outdoor decor. Make these garden markers using wine corks and chopsticks. Chic and eco-friendly.

Tutorial: allputtogether.com

3. Wine Cork Keychains

A simple craft, perfect for the pool or beach since you’ll never worry about losing you keys in the water

Tutorial: thekimsixfix.com

4. Loving…cork board

Use your leftover wine corks to make this pretty & functional pin board.

Tutorial: thingsdeeloves.com

5. Make your own photo clips using dyed corks

Upcycle your wine corks into these colorful photo holders

Tutorial: acharmingproject.com

6. Wine Cork Mini Pin Board

A cute upcycled mini cork board you can make as a memento of a fabulous party or just to show off your favorite corks.

Tutorial: peacefulbend.com

7. Wine Cork Fridge Magnet Planters

Craft Green for Earth Day & turn wine corks into fridge magnets with these easy steps! Eco-friendly & cute!

Tutorial: blog.craft-e-corner.com

8. Cork Heart

A creative way to display the special bottles of wine you shared with your loved ones!

Tutorial: sandandsisal.com

9. Cork Stamps

Instead of purchasing stamps at the store, save a couple of bucks and make your own from wine corks.

Tutorial: sweetspotcards.com

10. Ombre Wine Cork Trivet

Use the colored ends of wine corks to create this beautiful and functional cork trivet.

Tutorial: alyssaandcarla.com

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