10 Low-Cost Wall Decor Ideas that Completely Transform The Interior Design Of Your Home

Decoration of the walls can be done in many ways – highlighting the unique color and interesting texture, wallpaper and original cladding. Such a finish walls make the interior will take on a new climate. Words or quotes on the wall in the living room, bedroom or hallway, it’s also a way to refresh our boring walls..

BUT in today’s post, I prepared only the most interesting ideas to decorate your walls using things you probably have somewhere in the house! This will not only be a very original way, which is sure to surprise your guests, but also cheap solution that will not at all differ from the ready-made solutions purchased in the store. I hope that you’ll like these ideas and share it with your friends on facebook, or pinterest!

1. CD Wallpaper
If you have lots of CDs that are not needed, then you have a great solution for how to utilize them decorate your wall in the bedroom.. Tutorial

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